SharpFocus Photos

Photographic Art by Claire Salvail

SharpFocus Photos is located in Jonesborough, Tennessee and illustrates the artistic vision of Claire Salvail.    Claire began her photography journey in 1985 utilizing film for her images and transitioned to digital for all her photography in 2002.  She photographs venues in Kentucky, North Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia.  She also travels to other areas in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Caribbean Islands, Panama, Costa Rica and other Central American countries. 

Claire specializes in Landscape, Nature and Environmental photography, as she utilizes her love of nature to document our wondrous world.  She endeavors to fuel the viewer’s appreciation of Mother Earth and through her work strives to aid in the preservation of the Earth and its disappearing ecosystems.  Claire also creates images for Real Estate/Architectural, Travel and Fine Art photography.  She also photographs for the Watauga Valley Railroad Historical Society and Museum.

Her photographic style is to capture what she sees in a realistic fashion, as if the viewer were there in person.   She constantly strives to perfect her technique and create sharp, vibrant images which lend atmosphere and presence to any scene.

For your viewing enjoyment, please browse the galleries on this site.  We hope that these photos excite your interest and fulfill your photographic objectives whether commercial or residential.

Thank you for taking the time to view the photographs on this web site and please check back to see new additions to the SharpFocus Photos galleries.  

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